A Brave New Css

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A New World!!!

Or rather, it was time I started to make my page slighlty prettier. So far I have improved only a bit the index page, making the list of posts a tad better. I have moved away, as well, from a pure white background to a very light grey. I think that should reduce strain on the eyes (which at the moment is a concern for me). I have done a small separation of stylesheet files, so is easier to modify different parts of the blog without affecting the others.

The Ugly

Sshhh, don’t tell anyone that I haven’t checked before deploying how does it look on mobile. So probably, after I go live I would have to quickly check and correct if needed. Mind you, changing the size of my browser window seems to work correctly.

The Future

I still want to continue with the original idea to keep a relatively simple blog, with no JS, no cookies, and relying on the basic interactions of browsers, html and css to keep it “responsive”.

Next step is to improve the way that the posts are displayed. And probably then I would look at that banner at the top. Which, to be honest, looks a bit naf.

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