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Contact information

Easiest way to contact me is by email, using my given name and my first surname (separated by a full stop) to the address of this domain.

Or you can contact me on twitter: @yefoakira

Finally I am present on Linkedin if you want to follow that route.

A personal introduction

My name is Jorge Gueorguiev Garcia, and I am software consultant that have don a lot of hats throughout my career.

I love creating useful software, I love creating nice architectures, and I love improving my skills.

I strive to improve myself. I am not a person that gets obsolete because I haven't kept up with the advancements in the field. I learn new languages, new tools, new practices, new approaches. I try to be the best I can. I will not sleep in past glories.

I am a doer. Given the space, or the (even tacit) approval, I will show gumption in improving not only myself but what is around me (my colleagues, the company, the client). It goes beyond the `boy-scout` rule. If I can help people in improving their skills, process and outlook, I will do my best for it to happen. I could put a list of things together (in fact, writing such a list is why this `About Me` page exists), but will just say that if you ask, I can provide.

Finally, technology is not the issue. I realised years ago that writing the code, and extracting performance or functionality out of it, even if fun and satisfying, is not what makes or kills a project. Oh, there are technologies that makes it easier (languages like F# and Clojure, tooling like Terraform, help systems like HoneyComb, ...). But is the people (not just coders, but all stakeholders, from CEO down to juniors), the processes around them and, most importantly, their management what leads a project to succeed (or fail). Create a culture of excellence and improvement, and successes will come.

Ways of working

I've been, for years, a devotee of XP Practices. That doesn't mean that I always do them right, or I always achieve the goal. But I have seen them in action, I have seen them when they are applied correctly, and Oh!! what a sight it is. This includes quick iterations, pair (or ensemble) programming, TDD, CI (and, when possible, CD), the planning game, ... So if you work with me, expect me to push for them, as they are the best way to work I have seen.

Mind you, if I find a better way of working I would change the above. I am not tied to a process, but to the goal of doing the best I can.

I know I tend to be a defensive person , but one thing you should know for certain: your idea/objection/proposition will be heard, processed and evaluated. I dislike hanging onto an idea just because is mine, when a better one is available. I am currently working in reducing the time for me to do the evaluation rationally.

Other than that, I try to be both cheerful and helpful at all times (though there will be always moments where I need a respite)

Those two last paragraphs above should indicate that I am aware of myself, my shortcomings, and some of my better traits. I can't improve if I don't try to objectively analyze myself. And chances are that I will evaluate myself harsher than how others would evaluate me. Improving is not a journey that will ever finish.

More knowledge sharing

This is a non-exhaustive list of technologies I have used (I am not going to indicate frameworks)

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