In The Beginning

Personal Website

My own website.

It was about time that I put some effort into it. Well, not much as of this writing, as it just this very simple blog.

I think. I think a lot. I think my own thoughts. I think about other people’s thoughts. Some of the output of all this thinking is, frankly, rubbish. But some of is it good (well, to me). And most of it, even the rubbish ones, tend to bring other interesting ideas into the mix. Putting down some of the output and how I reached it will help me (and hopefully others) to improve.

And that is why this website is here.

The Tech

In terms of technology, I have decided to use Jekyll for this website. There are a couple of reasons for it. Which, of course, I will procceed to enumerate. What is the point otherwise?.

There is the point of limited time. I was working on creating my website from scratch. But there is not that much time available during the day, and there is more interesting code to write.

As I was looking for tech, the basic idea of being able to deploy as you check-in into github is appealing. You know, Continuous Delivery and all that Jazz. I love the idea of having a history of changes that I have done to my blog posts and (hopefully) essays (like, lots and lots of words … lots).

Originally I was planning to use Capistrano. But after having issues with it I decided to go down one layer and just use Rake directly. Still need to decide about how to have it done when I check-in (using Jenkins seems to be my current preferred choice).

Will I add anything fancy into the website? Bootstrap? Angular? Any other fancy stuff? I do not know. Will see as I try to do things. Though my initial idea is to keep it as simple as possible. Right now, no js at all, only a bit of css, and the web is responsive (wink, wink). Also, because of my current intentions of keeping it clean, no cookies. Hopefully I can keep the site clean for a long time.

Mind you, probably should get a designer to do the header a bit more … fancy.

Writing Style

My style, I expect, will evolve as I write new posts. But I want to do describe a few idionsyncrasies of the how I will express myslef, because I don’t think here will be a change on them.

As much as possible I will try to create thoughful posts, in which I put forth opinions derived and supported by facts and experience. Not all is measurable, but I will try to offer some kind of quantification where possible. Sometimes I will write a few opinions as absolutes. I will strongly believe in them. But I am not omniscient. I recognise the fallability of my thinking, and will change if enough support through facts and experience showed me that I were wrong.

Don’t expect rants or trolling (in general). I prefer my writing to be level-headed.

Till Later

And with this, I have to say “Next time, more”. Hopefully, if you just arrived here, you will find interesting posts that will inform or entertain you.

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