My shaving tools

I have a Gillete Match 3 Turbo. Is a superb razor. It does a very good job of leaving my skin smooth, devoid of hair. But using it makes my skin sore and sometimes I cut myself.

I have a Wilkinson Sword Hydro 3. The cut is not as good as the Gillete. But my skin barely suffers, and I just can’t cut myself.

Finally, I have a beard trimmer. Which leaves a nice stubble. And, unlike the other two, I don’t need to have my face soaking wet (ideally after a shower), to reduce the chaos on my face.

Using them

I use the first one on very special occasions or when there is a requirement of formality (weddings, interviews)

I use the second one when I need to take out my beard, but is not a “big” occasion (going to a party, visiting family, …). Also I use it if I haven’t shave in a long while as a preparation, the day before, for using the first one.

I use the third one for keeping the face relatively tidy, on when I go to standard social events (a dance night or visiting friends)

As an aside, I had at some point a Wilkinson Quatro that I had to stop using because, due to the thickness of my hair, will clog up constantly (the space between the blades was just not big enough)

I have three grooming tools that I use depending on the circumstances.

And yet, on four different companies I have worked on, we had a single programming language to do everything. Disregarding what was the best tool for the job.

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