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Remote working

Sadly, my writing schedule got interrupted by being sick for two weeks (funky COVID-19, although because of the lack of testing on the UK I can’t be 100% certain). I have thought about this topic before, but now is very much on point.

My view

I dislike working from home. A lot. There are several reasons for it:

The current situation

The first thing that I want to say on this section is that we are so lucky. As a software developer I can easily work from home. Some people will have lost their job. But I expect that on the majority of the cases you can basically continue working as normal.

Now a few pointers about what I am doing, what I think works best for me on this situation.

As you can see, there are a lot of actions that I take to mentally switch on and off myself. I don’t want my work to spill outside of hours while I am at home. Otherwise lines get blurred and you never switch off.

The future

It is possible that the more time we spend working from home under lockdown, I will change some of my behaviour. For example, if the weather picks up, I will start going out to my garden during my lunch time. But we will see as we go along.

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